Red Barn with Hay Down by Susan Urlicson

"Red Barn with Hay Down" by Susand Urlicson
About Borders Farm

Located Foster, Rhode Island, 15 miles West of Providence, Historic Borders Farm has been classic New England farming operation for nearly 300 years.
     The farm traces its beginnings to an 18th century land grant from the King of England and is destined to become a living interactive museum of 20th-century farming.
     In 2003 – thanks to the generosity of Charles and Margery Borders, long-time owners – the farm was donated to Borders Farm Preservation, Inc., ensuring generations-to-come will experience life-on-the-farm. Charles still resides in the iconic white farm house and supervises operations to this day.
    While remaining a working farm, cattle and hay, Borders Farm now serves as an invaluable educational, recreational and community resource: hosting a wide variety of events, sponsoring a substantal community garden and serving as the cornerstone of an expanding historic district. In the 1980s, the farm was the site of the reintroduction of wild turkeys to Rhode Island, and it provides forest and meadow habitats for many animals, including gray and red foxes, raccoons, deer, otters and fishers.
     Borders Farm not only welcomes visitors through its program of events and activities, but encourages "farmhands" of all ages to join in and help with the chores, enjoy life in the country and help sustain continued outreach and exciting future preservation and development.
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