Rusted Shoes by Doug Fellow

"Rusted Shoes" by Douglas Fellow

Lend a Hand

Have Fun, Help and working Border Farm

One of the wonderful experiences evolving at Borders Farm is the chance to get down and dirty as a farm hand.
    There’s no end to the work to be done on a farm, and Borders Farm is no exception. The jobs were varied – field-hand, gleaner, reaper, picker, weeder, veterinarian, milkmaid, ploughman, herder, builder...and a hundred more – and historially, the farm family did it all.
     You can become part of the Borders Farm Family. We need helping hands. Volunteer to help with scheduled work projects. Or put on your gloves and make a difference in our Community Garden, where the produce goes directly to help those in need.
    We can always help your group or organization help and have fun by sponsoring meaningful team building event. Contact us today by selecting your preference.

Become a Farmhand: Join Borders Farm Preservation

Even better! Become a sustaining member, join Borders Farm Preservation and put your hand permanently to the plow. Lend your valuable time, talent and means to this worthwhile endeavor. Opportunities are many: plan events, become a docent, tackle specialized maintenance and operations chores, public relations or contribute – or help raise – much needed funds. Strong hands are important to our important community outreach and exciting future development.


Many Ways You Can Make a Difference:

Add your name to our list of On-Call Hands

Register to receive Farm Work & Fun Event notices

Volunteer to work the Community Garden*

Become a member of Borders Farm Preservation

...or simply contact us directly by mail or phone

*Borders Farm Preservation, Inc. is an in-kind donor organization of the
Rhode Island Community Food Bank:

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